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domenica 9 ottobre 2011

Milos : why of all the Greek islands?

Well there is a simple answer to that: I have been to Greece more times than I have been anywhere and I can surely say that Milos was the island that I'll probably remember the most. It's not Corfu where I used to go when I was a child, or Ios where i went to party hard in my twenties or big Rhodes I have some good memories of when I took a course there in Law of the sea, but it's an island which is different in my opinion and I guess it was all very influenced by the fact that when I went there I was in a couple and it was a very good moment of our relationship . Probably the best. Yes I would say that Milos is an island where you' better go if you're in a couple. It's not entirely for families nor a party island and it's not too small but small enough to sample the real Greek island taste. Besides if you love the sea bear in mind that there are more than 75 beaches which is quite something I would say. Also most of them are public and free , which is a rarity nowadays. In Italy in the last few years i can't recall a beach where you don't have to pay for the entrance and rent your umbrella and sunbed. I didn't really choose to there I just ended up there after we ( my ex boyfriend and I) literally escaped from another island Serifos which turned out to be a little too rough for my taste and where the wind was so strong it could reall drive you mad. Cyclades are known for the meltemis ad usually they are pleasant but in this case they were reaally too hard to handle. The harbour Adamas is probably the most touristic part of the island but it's very pleasant and when we got there we found immediately a place to stay since , as it is a custom in Greece, locals come out of the ferry and show tourists their accomodation which turns out to be time saving and very efficient. We found a room for € 30 per night,simple but tasty and with all the comforts :">. The owner and his daughter know exquisite hospitality and are totally helpful. but most of all they are always smiling which is one of the things I find very important. Breakfast was not included though so we had to go to get it in the bars at the harbour although since it costed 7 or 8 euros we preferred to buy some pastries and coffee at the bakery and sit on a bench in front of the sea. Now , you need to rent a motorcycle in Milos .There is also a good public bus transportation for the main beaches and the Plaka but you can't get to the other smaller beaches which are absolutely worth seeing. For a quite complete look check: "">. One of the most beautiful is Sarakiniko
but also Firiplaka
or Papafragas
Ande believe me there are so much more .. As far as sightseeing is concerned one can visit Plaka the main town on the island situated on a hill like all the plakas in the Greek islands with its narrow streets and restaurants (which can get a little too busy at night on a weekend) or Klima a very pictoreque traditional fishing village with coloured houses or Pollonia on the far north less touristic and very fascinating. Or one can just wander around and enjoy the landscape and go to remote parts of the island where one can be surrounded only by the sound of the wind and the bells of the goats.
In Pollonia there are quite a few restaurant on the beach but I would surely reccomend Kapetan Nikolas where the food was excellent and the young and fun male staff (and also good looking which is always appeciated at least by me ) very kind and efficient. The food is typical Greek with some variations like "pitarakia" little cheese pies. So what else to say? Greek islands are renowned for being one of the most favourite destinations of all times and almost all of them are worth visiting. We can all picture ourselves drinking ouzo at the sunset overlooking the beautiful Eagean sea surrounded by blue and white houses. So next time why not trying Milos?